Increase in Registration Fees for TM applications in KSA and Change in Opposition Procedures

October 2016

RIYADH – Alyafi IP Group

In an attempt to make trademark fees in the GCC on the same level, a new Ministerial Decree in Saudi Arabia was issued approving the implementation of the GCC Trademark Law regulations. As a result of the decree, the official fees for trademark related matters will increase, especially affecting registration fees which will be around 1350 USD for one trademark under one class. As of yet, it’s not clear whether publication fees are to be also amended.

This change is to be implemented starting October 2nd 2016.

The new changes have also addressed the procedure related to oppositions noting the below amendments:

1-    The opposition period has been modified from 90 days to 60 days, with no extension of time possible.

2-    An opposition will no longer be a legal proceeding governed by the Board of Grievances or the Court of First Instance. Instead, it will be handled by an administrative trademark board that was recently put together.

3-    Once an opposition is filed, the trademark board must notify the applicant within 30 days. The applicant then has 60 days from the notification date to reply to the opposition. Afterwards, the board appoints a hearing for the submission of oral and physical documentations by both parties, and is expected to issue a decision within 90 days following the hearing.

This change has been brought upon in an attempt to make the opposition process quicker and smoother.


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