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Open Access Advocates See End Of US Copyright Term Extension Act As Win For Commons

Open access advocates in the United States are celebrating the expiration, and non-renewal, of the Copyright Term Extension Act, which introduces into the public domain all works from 1923, and signals an end of the practice by US lawmakers to continually extend the terms of copyright protection.

Leading figures from groups such as Creative Commons and Wikimedia Foundation gathered to discuss why this shift in policy took place, and what it means for the public domain. They asserted that this change is the result of a general acceptance of the value of “the commons,” brought on in part by the era of the internet.

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WHO Director Tedros: Innovation, Digital Health A Major Pillar In WHO Transformation

The World Health Organization is significantly upgrading its focus on digital health and innovation as it moves into a new era, renovating literally every aspect of the organisation, the WHO director general told member states today.

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India, Ecuador, Peru Bring TRIPS Flexibilities Into WHO Universal Health Coverage Discussions

Universal health coverage is a goal shared by all members of the World Health Organization. The ways to achieve that goal might however be based on different strategies. As members are working on a common resolution for the approval of the Executive Board of the organisation, and are contributing draft text, India brought up the intellectual property dimension by suggesting the text includes mention of the use of international trade rules flexibilities to protect public health.

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Inside Views: US Complaints About Technology Transfer In China: Negotiating The Endgame

Dean Pinkert writes: The United States Trade Representative (USTR) has been open about its view of the difficulties faced by US companies who claim – generally anonymously – that they have been forced to transfer technology to Chinese entities: “The fact that China systematically implements its technology transfer regime in informal and indirect ways makes it ‘just as effective [as written requirements], but almost impossible to prosecute.’” As I explain in this article, I believe such informality is not merely a barrier to prosecutions; it also presents conceptual challenges for US trade negotiators as they attempt to craft effective means to address the concerns of US companies doing business in China.

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US Perspectives: US IP Law – Big Developments On The Horizon In 2019

The US started 2019 with a bang. Its Supreme Court has just announced a major patent decision, and more big developments could arrive in the coming months. Here are some of the top issues to watch this year.

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WHO Cancer Report Stirs Debate On Eve Of Board Meeting

As the World Health Organization Executive Board gathers tomorrow for its annual January meeting, health industry and advocacy groups have seized on a WHO report to be presented to the Board that finds high prices for cancer medicines are "impairing" governments' ability to provide affordable treatments. One issue they may have in common is a desire for more transparency in analyses of prices.

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Special Report: Guide To This Week’s WHO Board Meeting – Budget, Medicines Access, Antimicrobial Resistance, NCDs, More

The World Health Organization Executive Board this month will consider an 8 percent WHO budget increase for 2020-2021, discuss environment health risks, the high price of cancer drugs, and how to facilitate access to medicines and vaccines. Also on the agenda is the fight against antimicrobial resistance, rising noncommunicable diseases, and tuberculosis.

In another area, the Board is also expected to discuss its pandemic influenza framework, in particular access to influenza viruses under the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization to the Convention on Biological Diversity. The Board will further be asked to consider new entities seeking to enter into official relationships with the WHO, and those with whom relations should be discontinued.

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People: Sudden Vacancies At Some International Agencies, Industry Sees New Top Officials, Lawyers Engage In Firm-Hopping

While the World Bank Group and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) are looking for new leaders following the unexpected resignations of their heads, the International Telecommunication Union re-elected its secretary general. The European Patent Office got two new vice-chairs, and the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) a new president, both starting in January. Associations for the creative industry and the pharmaceutical industry also elected new top officials, and lawyers continued to practice firm-hopping.

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Nearly 100 European Authors Demand ‘Proportionate’ Remuneration In EU Copyright Directive

With negotiations for the European Union Copyright Directive apparently approaching an end, a group of some 95 screenwriters and directors joined the intensive lobbying efforts with a letter today urging that a principle of "proportionate" remuneration to them be enshrined. The letter spells out several elements they argue are key to ensuring European audiovisual authors are able to "make a living from our craft and creativity."


December 2018

Minister of Commerce and Industry Mr. Khaled Al-Radwan issued a decree approving the publication of the trademarks through the Ministry’s website in the sector of international organizations and foreign trade.

The resolution No. 687/2018 included the publication of trademarks and all