Patent Fee Schedule

December 2019

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Kuwait announced an update in collecting the fees for all patent related matters. As per Ministerial Decree and in line with other GCC countries, annuities will be collected between January and March of the year the annuity is due on. Failure to settle fees will lead to a cancellation of the patent.

Below is the Ministry’s new table of fees:

DescriptionIndividual Patents(KWD)Companies (KWD)
Patent application4080
Granting and publishing patent50100





Annuity Fees

2nd Year2550
3rd Year50100
4th Year75150
5th Year100200
6th Year100200
7th Year100200
8th Year100200
9th Year100200
10th Year100200
11th Year100200
12th Year100200
13th Year100200
14th Year100200
15th Year100200
16th Year100200
17th Year100200
18th Year100200
19th Year100200
20th Year100200
Amendment and Addition to the Patent Application3570
Additional fee for the delay in Payment of annual patent fee3570
Assignment of Rights to the Application or change of patent ownership3570
Obtaining a copy of the Application ,its registration or of the patent714
Request of Compulsory License1,0502,100
Grant of Compulsory License350700
Request of Registration of Compulsory License350700
Registration of Petition150300
Renewal of Petition50100
Request of Temporary Protection35350
Request of Plantation Sample35350
Performance of Search714
Objective examinationThe actual costThe actual cost


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