International Trademarks Refusals: an analysis for the month of May, 2022

June 2022

Summer 2022 is beginning soon, the number of rejections of Trademark applications are cracking down from 14,796 applications issued last month to 13,428 applications issued in May.

Between April and May, the number of rejections issued in the United States (19%) averaged a similar amount of rejected applications. United States was followed by Canada (11%), Japan (7%), Thailand (6%) and 6 other countries that are shown in the table below.

However, in the MENA region, Morocco has surpassed Egypt by being the first MENA country that has issued the most rejections in May 2022. Egypt ranked the third place after Oman.

Bahrain has issued one rejection in May 2022, compared to April where no rejections have been issued. Meanwhile, in the UAE no rejections have been recorded yet.

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