Jordan’s Official Gazette

May 2022

The Official Gazette is published on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade which eventually became accessible to the public on the following link

The official gazette is being issued once or twice per month at an unspecified date. Gazettes are issued separately for each IP type and each gazette has a different publication date.

The publication period for opposing a trademark is 90 days.

Jordan is considered an attractive country for both local and foreign applicants as examination in this country is conducted according to specific formalities and grounds, which closed the door for infringements.

Based on our extensive experience in the country, Jordan is working to reduce the risk of infringements. The examiner is using an extensive examination process, the examiner might examine the same application more than one time, and issue multiple office actions to ensure that the trademarks are distinctive and not similar to the prior registered trademark and the applications comply to all formalities. All these measures don’t mean that we can’t find infringements in Jordan however the percentage is minimal.

By: Nour Hammoud

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