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IP Treaties

Power of Attorney

Fact Table

Country Requirements

Industrial Design

Required Documents:
Power of Attorney (POA): simply signed


  1. The registration process takes 18-36 months to be completed.
  2. A single application could be filed for multiple classes.
  3. The Filing and publication fees are settled at the time of filing of application.
  4. "The application will be examined by the TMO within a period of 18 to 24 months.
  5. After the end of the examination period, the TMO will issue a decision to either:
  6. Accept the application; the certificate of registration will be issued.
  7. Reject the application, the TMO gives the applicant 60 days to reply to the rejection and can be extended for a similar period if needed upon the applicant’s request."
  8. The TMO publishes the trademark certificate in the official gazette for informative purposes only; No one can oppose the said publication.
  9. You may file a cancellation action against the infringed mark within 5 years from the date of registration of the trademark.
  10. The trademark's registration is valid for 10 Gregorian years, starting from the filing date, and renewable for similar consecutive periods.

Required Documents:

  1. Power of attorney (PoA) – simply signed clearly indicating signatory name and position
  2. Deed of Assignment for Non PCT applications claiming US Priority
  3. Patent full specifications in Arabic and French for non PCT applications and only Arabic for PCT applications
  4. Certified copy of the priority document for non PCT claiming priority


  1. The patent registration process takes around 3 to 4 years.
  2. Once the application is filed, the examiner will review its formalities.
  3. The Examiner will issue a substantive examination report and will give a time limit to reply to the report.
  4. More than one substantive examination report might be issued from the same patents.
  5. If accepted, the patent will be registered and published after registration, therefore no opposition by third parties can be submitted.
  6. A patent is valid for 20 years.
  7. Maintenance fees should be paid from the 2nd year, starting the PCT filing date or the national filing date.

Required Documents:

  1. A summarized description of the design.
  2. Applicant info (name and address).
  3. Power of attorney (PoA): Simply signed.
  4. Deed of assignment if the applicant is not the designer.
  5. Translation to Arabic of all documents and descriptions is required at time of filing
  6. Copy of the commercial certificate document is required.


  1. One application can cover several designs (additional charges to be paid for each additional design).The process from filing to issuance of the certificate is for a period of 1 to 2 years.
  2. The design registration is valid for 10 years, however the protection is divided into 2 parts. Protection of the first year, and the second part, the applicant must request the 9 other years extension, otherwise the registration will expire and will only have a 6 month grace period.