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Empower Innovators to strategically, seamlessly, and successfully protect their Intellectual Property assets.
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Enable IP owners to accurately
assess the monetary value of their IP assets.
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Support IP owners every step of the way, through any IP asset transaction they undertake.
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Identify white spaces, guide decision-makers to invest in high-potential commercial areas.
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Why Us?


To transform Intellectual property from a cost center to a revenue generating one. To ensure key assets are properly protected. To understand vulnerabilities and allocate capital to key IP risks and opportunities.


IP strategy should be revisited every 5 to 10 years, or when there is a significant change in strategic vision and direction.


Intellectual property strategy allows management to align business and strategic vision with IP portfolio protection and monetization, while gaining insights on key competitor activities.


Understand what currently exists in your portfolio. Learn what your competitors are doing. Understand the strategic vision and the role IP has in this vision. Explore opportunities to maximize return on IP investment and minimize its costs.

Our Strengths

Alyafi IP Group is an Innovation Consulting Boutique service provider that operates in NewYork, the GCC countries, and the MENA region.

The Boutique is composed of 45 team members specializing in Innovation Processes, Innovation Practices, and International and regional Intellectual Property Laws and regulations. Our team members have diverse skill sets and educational backgrounds ranging from legal to finance, business, administration, and political science.

Core Values

  • Diversity
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Adaptability
  • Building long term relationships
  • Determination & Passion

Opinions of Our Clients