Innovation Assessment and Guidance

Our Patent Team provides our clients with full Pre-filing patent services such as:
IDEA to Patent

Moving from the IDEA to patent stage can be overwhelmingly complicated, but with our experts, we make sure that it is a seamless journey. Our innovation consultants guide you through the intricates of transforming concepts into tangible intellectual property assets. From initial idea assessment to drafting and filing patent applications, we offer a comprehensive range of services and support you at every step.

Innovation Gap analysis

Every business needs to conduct a comprehensive gap analysis, in order to identify the desired level of innovation that is needed to achieve strategic goals and to gain a competitive edge. Our consultants conduct a thorough analysis to pinpoint areas where your intellectual property portfolio may fall short or lack alignment with business objectives, by formulating an action plan to address the problems and helping you implement it to monitor the progress and outcomes.

Innovation Process optimization

Efficiency is the key to unlocking the full potential of your innovation processes. Our experts specialize in innovation process optimization, streamlining workflows and enhancing collaboration to accelerate your innovation lifecycle.

White Space Analysis

White space analysis is needed to identify which products or services are succeeding and figure out the potential gaps that need to be filled. Our consultants strategically explore these white spaces and help you position your intellectual property for maximum impact. Allow us to help you stay ahead of the curve and drive innovation that sets you apart in the market.

Commercialization Strategy

Maximize the value of your intellectual property through our tailored service of commercialization strategy. Intellectual property can be one of the most intangible assets of your business if commercialized in the right way. Our innovation consultants will develop a roadmap for bringing your innovations to market. We ensure that your intellectual property is not only protected but also strategically leveraged to generate revenue.