Welcome to Alyafi IP Group

Alyafi IP Group is an Innovation Consulting Boutique service provider that operates in New York, the GCC countries, and the MENA region. The Boutique is composed of 45 team members specializing in Innovation Processes, Innovation Practices, International and regional Intellectual Property Laws and regulations, commercialization, and technology transfer processes.

Yafi & Co was established in 1975 with the aim of providing the Arab (Middle Eastern) community with financial consulting services ranging from auditing and consulting to corporate finance, formation, restructuring, and management advisory services. In 1987, the firm started providing intellectual property (IP services) in the Arab countries (Middle East). In 1996, Yafi & Co. joined the international network and started utilizing this network in financial consulting matters, but all the while, made sure to grow the intellectual property (IP) practice.
Our team members have diverse skill sets and educational backgrounds ranging from legal to finance, business, administration, and political science.
Proud to be the Only Majority Women-Owned and Operated Innovation Boutique in the GCC and Middle East.

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Vision & Mission

Guiding Innovators on their path to changing the world.

Our Mission is to enable innovators to strategically, seamlessly, and successfully protect and commercialize their intellectual assets.

Our Core Values

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  • We pledge to value and respect our colleagues, clients, and everyone we meet equally, regardless of who they are, where they come from, and what they believe in.
  • We pledge our commitment to and pride in our multicultural team across all our offices, which reflects diversity in attributes like gender, religion, race, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other traits.
  • We pledge to be pioneers within our community and rally to empower women and other minorities.
  • We pledge to use diversity as our superpower and key competitive advantage in collaborating and building a sustainable, competitive, and successful timeless business.


  • We pledge to always be honest, sincere, and self-aware with strong morals and ethics.
  • We pledge to foster a trustful environment within the workplace and with external stakeholders.
  • We pledge to be problem solvers and always think outside of the box in order to provide the right solutions while doing the RIGHT thing, no matter how hard the situation is.
  • We pledge to honor our clients’ businesses and uphold their work in the most ethical of ways We pledge never to compromise on our personal and professional integrity with any of our dealings internally and externally.
  • We pledge to upholding the rule of law, abiding by ethical practices, and promoting and rewarding transparency and accountability with all our stakeholders.


  • We pledge our commitment in reaching our goals internally and externally through Innovation, technology, teamwork, and dedication.
  • We pledge to act with purpose and invent the future.
  • We will use the most advanced and innovative technology to creatively and strategically assist you in overcoming obstacles by finding solutions that deliver exceptional results in a timely manner.
  • We pledge to work hard to meet our commitments professionally and personally and always exceed expectations.
  • We pledge to deliver what we promise through our striving ambition to be and give our best.
  • We pledge to go over and beyond for our clients, team members, and communities and serve them to the best of our capabilities.
  • We pledge to be leaders in everything we do while we strive for perfection and hold ourselves accountable for all outcomes, good and bad.


  • We pledge flexibility in this continuously shifting environment, while always delivering the best results.
  • We pledge to treat every change as a new challenge and every challenge as a chance to grow.
  • We pledge to ride the wave of constant change every step of the way, and to always be on top of new trends and technologies.
  • We pledge to rapidly learn new skills, and adjust our plans in response to shifting strategic priorities, new roles and responsibilities, new systems and technologies, process improvements and policy changes.
  • We pledge to think big, use data and intuition to move fast and remain relevant, competitive, and leaders in our field, when investing our resources to changing market needs.


  • We pledge to honor every relationship we build within our community, through kindness and compassion, and to value the trust put in us, every step of the way.
  • We pledge to always have confidence in each other’s capabilities and intentions., to support and stand up for each other and to deal with one another through empathy and respect.
  • We pledge to always act in our team’s best interest, knowing that the company’s greatest asset are its people.
  • We pledge to foster friendships, camaraderie, and valuable professional networks and commit to always attempt to genuinely understand those we work with, put ourselves in their shoes and deal with them with respect, empathy and understanding.