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Jamal Alzgougou
Libya Branch Partner

Jamal Zgougo is a seasoned professional and the partner at Alyafi IP Group in Libya. With over 18 years of experience in the field, Jamal brings a wealth of expertise in business management across various sectors. His deep understanding of the challenging business landscape in Libya positions him as a crucial asset for clients seeking to navigate the complexities of operating in this unstable environment. Jamal’s commitment to upholding client rights amidst turbulent conditions underscores his dedication to providing strategic solutions tailored to the unique circumstances of Libya.

Jamal Zgougo’s career spans more than 18 years, during which he has amassed extensive experience in diverse sectors. His background in business management equips him with a multifaceted skill set essential for addressing the intricacies of the Libyan market.

Throughout his career, Jamal has demonstrated a remarkable ability to thrive in challenging environments, leveraging his deep knowledge of the local landscape to drive success for his clients.

As a partner at Alyafi IP Group, Jamal plays a pivotal role in safeguarding client interests amid the volatile conditions prevalent in Libya. His hands-on approach and comprehensive understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks enable him to devise effective strategies that mitigate risks and optimize outcomes for clients. Jamal’s unwavering commitment to excellence and his astute awareness of the nuances of doing business in Libya make him an invaluable asset for individuals and organizations seeking to navigate this dynamic market.