M&A is a corporate capability that should be used as an integral part of a strategy. In order for M&A deals to create value, and succeed it is essential to understand the status of the IP assets being bought and their underlying value add to the New Co.

Alyafi IP Group helps acquirers in M&A transactions understand the true value of the underlying intellectual property being bought and minimize any risk associated with these Assets through specific warranties and indemnities. Companies who approach M&A as a strategic capability work with Alyafi IP Group to ensure the competitive advantage being created is sustainable and liability free.

Diversified competences

  • IP Valuation
  • IP Audit
  • IP Due Diligence
  • IP Structure
  • Recordals finalizing deals

IP Valuation

IP Valuation is a service that involves assessing the monetary worth of intellectual property (IP) assets held by a business. This includes patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other intangible assets.

IP Audit

IP Audit is a comprehensive review of an organization's intellectual property portfolio. This service ensures that all IP assets are identified, evaluated, and properly documented.

IP Due Diligence

IP Due Diligence is a critical step in mergers and acquisitions, involving a thorough examination of the intellectual property assets of the target company. This service aims to identify potential legal, financial, or operational risks associated with the target's IP portfolio.

IP Structure

IP Structure refers to the strategic organization and management of intellectual property within a business. This service provided by our team of experts involves designing a framework for acquiring, protecting, and leveraging IP assets in alignment with the overall business strategy. An effective IP structure is important to enhance the value of intellectual property, streamlines operations, and supports long-term business objectives.

Records Finalizing deals

Records Finalizing Deals is a service that involves the meticulous documentation and record-keeping of all intellectual property-related aspects during mergers and acquisitions. This includes ensuring that all agreements, licenses, and transfers of IP rights are properly recorded and compliant with legal requirements.