2012 Cedar Tree - Lebanon

The collector’s item gifted by the Alyafi IP Group in 2012 was the Cedar tree.

Cedar trees are evergreen coniferous trees that usually grow to a height of up to 16 meters. These species are commonly found in areas with heavy rainfalls, and prefer moist soil with limestone.

The nice smelling feature of cedar wood that is derived from the secretion of toxic natural oils, also provides this wood with the ability to resist diseases. The Cedars of Lebanon was important to various ancient civilizations, especially the Phoenicians for building ships and houses. The Egyptians also used its resin in mummification,

Over the centuries, extensive deforestation has occurred, with very small remnants of the original forests surviving. Therefore, nowadays there are several initiatives to replant and protect these trees. The oldest multi-millenary Cedar Trees are found in Lebanon, in a natural reserve in the area called the cedars. The oldest tree there is aged for more than from 5000 years.

In order to promote cedar tree reforestation, and as part of the Groups’ CSR strategy, the Alyafi IP Group team gifts cedar trees to its most prominent clients annually.