Dr. Fouad Mrad, Associate Partner for Innovation Consulting at Alyafi IP Group, participated in the Tata Knowledge Series on AI & Society organized by The New York Academy of Sciences: Living in the Shadow of AI with Madhumita Murgia who is the Artificial Intelligence Editor of the Financial Times. This event explored the societal and ethical challenges posed by AI, an area reshaping the landscape of innovation and industry.

The insights from Madhumita Murgia’s book, “Code Dependent – Living in the Shadow of AI,” emphasize the critical need to balance technological advancements with ethical considerations.

The author highlighted very relevant cases of Bias in everyday AI applications like Uber and shared in an effective storytelling the field test and audit that are being implemented nowadays to identify Bias in data-driven decision making. Alyafi IP Group is committed to leveraging these insights to drive relevant innovation and support our clients in navigating the complexities of the modern technological landscape.

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