IBM Ireland

Our task was to provide a detailed valuation of the entire company as well as its key products. We have developed a strategic business plan for the next 5 years, which covered both radar and limited partnerships. We have devoted over 200 hours to optimizing decision-making processes and financial flows within the company. We reduced the number of employees to a minimum while increasing productivity and commitment in the team.

Our strategy is based on a detailed financial and strategic analysis. We are looking for narrow areas where productivity drops. We examine the company’s key products in detail. Their uniqueness, as well as the possibility of earning money on them both at present and over the next several years. We reorganize cash flows across a broad spectrum. We are examining the possibilities of using EU funds or other aid programs that would allow to obtain funds for further development.

What have we achieved

  • We made a detailed valuation of the company and key products.
  • We have reduced the necessary staff to a minimum.
  • We have developed a strategic business plan for the next 5 years.
  • We hired a valet parking.
  • We have reduced CO2 emissions and reduced operating costs.

IBM a complex of buildings in the Shelbourne Rd district, where we implemented the project.

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