Assem Rehan serves as a Junior Lawyer and esteemed member of Alyafi IP Group Egypt, bringing a wealth of expertise in intellectual property laws, corporate matters, and handling disputes spanning criminal, civil, and administrative law domains.

Specializing in the intricate field of intellectual property law, Assem plays a crucial role in guiding clients through various legal landscapes. His scope of practice covers a diverse range, including trademarks, patents, industry models, copyrights, franchise agreements, and more. As a legal consultant, Assem provides valuable insights to clients seeking to register their innovations, offering strategic advice on navigating the complex processes involved.

Beyond his role as a consultant, Assem actively engages in resolving disputes that may arise due to conflicts, imitations, or violations. He adeptly navigates the intricacies of dispute resolution within the competent registration offices and serves as a representative before the courts. This involves a comprehensive approach to conflict resolution, ensuring that client’s interests are protected and legal matters are resolved efficiently.

As a multifaceted legal professional, Assem’s contributions extend beyond the realm of intellectual property, encompassing corporate law and dispute resolution in criminal, civil, and administrative spheres. His diverse skill set positions him as a valuable asset within Alyafi IP Group, where he continues to provide nuanced legal support to clients seeking guidance in a broad spectrum of legal matters.

Professional Memberships:

  • Junior Lawyer at the Egyptian Bar Association.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law, cairo University.
  • Holds training certificates in intellectual property laws from the Saudi General Authority for Intellectual Property and Midocean University.