While we continue to live in a world that has yet to make its corners more accessible to specially-abled and the elderly. There are people all over the world who are trying to bridge the gap using technology. From an off-road wheelchair to a swimming ramp for physically impaired people, here are some of the most brilliant accessibility inventions:

Off-Road Wheelchair

Zack Nelson designed an off-road wheelchair so that his wife can go places she never imagined, It’s now up for mass-production.

Swimming Ramp For Physically Impaired People

In the town of Kızkalesi, Turkey, this beach has an access ramp so that physically impaired people can swim.

Standing Wheelchair

Dr. Ted Rummel, paralyzed from the bottom, can still perform surgery on patients with the help of a wheelchair that allows him to stand in.

Paintings For The Blind

The Uffizi Art Gallery in Florence, Italy, has versions of paintings so that the visually impaired visitors also enjoy art.

A Rubik’s Cube For The Visually Impaired

This Rubik’s cube is specially designed in braille, for the visually impaired.

Braille Edition Of UNO

Braille edition of UNO for the visually impaired.

Turtles Mounted On The Ground For Physically Impaired Children

The carousel in Hong Kong has sea turtles mounted on the ground for physically impaired children.

Tilted Mirror

This sink and tilted mirror make usage more convenient for wheelchair users.

Emergency Alarm

The toilet meant for differently-abled, in Berlin Airport, there is an emergency alarm line on the toilet floor, in case someone falls to the ground or needs assistance.

A Colorblind Viewer

A viewer for colorblind people.

Motorized Wheelchair

This man lost his legs, so he built a ramp onto his trike and uses his motorised wheelchair to ride it.

A Chair For The Disabled & Elderly

This chair allowing people with disabilities to go in the sea, in Santa Cruz, Portugal.

Shampoo Bottles For Visually Impaired People

Specially designed shampoo bottles, with braille language, for  blind or visually impaired people.

Elevator For A Wheelchair-Bound Driver

This truck has a slide-out door and elevator for the driver who is a wheelchair-user.

Impairment Friendly Buttons

This wheelchair toilet uses impairment friendly buttons to lock the door.

Hotel Rooms For Disabled Guests

This hotel’s room doors have two peepholes – one at regular height, and one that’s placed lower for the convenience of wheelchair users.

An Alarm For The Visually Impaired

This device starts to make a sound when your glass is almost full.

Braille Chocolate Cake

A father made a braille chocolate message cake for his daughter’s 9th birthday party. He wrote “I Love You” and “Happy Birthday” in braille.

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