In the fourth month of 2022, trademark offices were pretty active in issuing – 14,796 rejections.

Most of the rejections were issued from the United States of America, Canada, China, Japan, and the Philippines.

Countries Number of rejections Percentage of rejections
United states of America 1720 11.62%
Canada 1653 11.17%
China 1270 8.58%
Japan 1196 8.08%
Philippines 795 5.37%
Thailand 711 4.81%
Russian Federation 701 4.74%
Republic of Korea 694 4.69%
India 673 4.55%
European Union 598 4.04%

For the second month in a row, the Egyptian trademark office has issued the most number of refusals compared to other MENA countries – 97 refusals.

However, according to the total number of refusals issued during this month, this number is minimal.

All the rejections in the MENA countries represent only 1.3% of the total rejections.

Countries Number of rejections Percentage of rejections
Egypt 97 0.66%
Oman 49 0.33%
Algeria 33 0.22%
Morocco 20 0.14%
Tunisia 4 0.03%
Sudan 2 0.01%

Bahrain, Syria, and the United Arab of Emirates are from the MENA region but did not issue any rejections this month, noting that UAE is the newest member of the Madrid Protocol and has yet to issue any rejections. Let’s wait and see…

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