August 2022

Summer is coming to an end, the weather is changing and so is the number and types of refusals for this month.

Common reasons for Trademark registration refusal:

1- Office action:

* Missing documents

* Association with previously registered mark

* Not to use the mark separately

2- Relative

* Similar to a previously registered mark

3- Absolute

* Lack of distinctiveness

* Descriptive

4- Opposition

Egypt is still maintaining the first rank by issuing the highest number of refusals, 33 refusals were issued and the principal factor for most of these refusals was the similarity of the marks.

Followed by Morocco by issuing 14 refusals and the factors considered in reaching this decision are: 7 were of relative grounds, 6 absolute and 1 opposition grounds.

The number of refusals is still reducing from one country to another, Oman issued only 2 refusals this month and both of them were of relative grounds, while Bahrain issued only one refusal of absolute ground.

Feel free to reach out one of our experts in trademarks, GCC and all the MENA region to maintain your international trademark applications and to respond to rejections.

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