In the heart of summer 2022, the temperature touching its highest peaks, so is the refusal number for this month. 17,747 international refusals have been registered for the month of June 2022. More than 3000 refusals have been issued than the last month. 2,166 refusals have been registered for only one day!
The US maintained its first place being the country that has issued the most number of refusals 2,955.
China has issued 1,523 refusals surpassing Canada 1,459, followed by Japan with 1,377 and Russia 1,010.

The Arab speaking countries that are members of the Madrid protocol are:
● In the GCC: Bahrain and Oman
● In North Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, and Tunisia
● In the LEVANT region: Syria.
And the UAE has recently joined the protocol.

However, only 5 Arab countries are the most active in issuing refusals: Egypt, Oman, Algeria, Morocco and Bahrain.
Egypt has regained this month its first rank in issuing the most refusals from the MENA region with 23 refusals.
Oman surpassing Morocco by issuing 21 refusals while only 8 refusals for Morocco. Algeria issuing 7 more refusals from last month from 13 to 20, and Bahrain being in the last position in issuing 5 refusals only.

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