Netflix’s self-made series “Squid Game” has achieved unprecedented success globally, and Netflix previously announced its entry into the game industry and created new works based on its original series.according to Hollywood Report(The Hollywood Reporter) Foreign Telegraph reported that Minyoung Kim, vice president of content for Netflix Asia Pacific, revealed in an interview that he is planning for projects including the development of games and consumer products.


When asked about the next step of “Squid Game”, Minyoung Kim said that the advantage of working at Netflix is ​​that there are many excellent talents within the company, allowing him to focus on making excellent shows. They also have many experts studying and focusing on different Areas and potentials. And Netflix has received demands from other Netflix international teams as well as the game department and consumer product department, and his team’s responsibility is to jointly examine these opportunities and plan the route of the IP of “Squid Game”. They are studying many different fields, from games, consumer products to other fields, to think about how to increase the affinity and happiness of the content to the masses, while being loyal to the world created by the original creator. Regarding the second season, they are still actively engaged in dialogue with the producer and director, and hope to answer this question as soon as possible.

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