Due to the COVID pandemic and the closure of the trademark office in line with best practices, the ministry of industry trade and supply has postponed opposition deadlines for all official gazettes published since 19-Dec-19 to ensure IP rights are respected. Deadlines have been postponed in a staggered manner depending on date of initial publication. Below are the updated deadlines for opposition matters in Jordan:

Issue number /IP type /Publication date /New deadline date
692 /Trademarks /19-Dec-19 /28-May-20
693 /Trademarks /31-Dec-19 /06-Aug-20
694 /Industrial designs /31-Dec-19 /06-Aug-20
695 /Changes and amendments /12-Jan-20
696 /Trademarks /21-Jan-20 /28-Jun-20
697 /Trademarks /30-Jan-20 /07-Aug-20
698 /Trademarks /13-Feb-20 /21-Jul-20
699 /Patents /17-Feb-20 /25-Jul-20
700 /Trademarks /27-Feb-20 /04-Aug-20

If you require further information do not hesitate to contact us on jordan@alyafi-ip.com

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