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The innovations, which are used to increase safety, have received accreditation from the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA)

Abu Dhabi Police inventors have received patents for unique devices used to enhance the safety of individuals and property. They have received accreditation from the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) in recognition of these inventions.

The three police inventors include: Ali Muhammad Al Masabi, who obtained a patent for two inventions from the Patent Office of the Gulf Cooperation Council. His inventions include a smart swab to raise and test biological contaminations (blood, seminal and salivary), and a mobile alarm device for fires, toxic and flammable gases.

The second inventor is Lieutenant-Colonel Wafaa Ali Al Tayari who obtained a patent from the GCC Patent Office for the design and manufacture of a new compound for genetic fingerprinting in the criminal field. The third inventor is civil innovation expert, Abdul Rahim Burwais, who obtained a global patent of a PCT type for a wearable device that measures the degree of activity which can be used in the sports field and in cases of some disorders such as hyperactivity disorder and autism. The device provides recommendations to users based on the degree of activity and based on artificial intelligence algorithms.

It is the first time that such certificates and titles have been granted to Abu Dhabi Police. These inventions and innovations have been classified among the applied scientific research indicators and greatly contribute to strengthening the position of the Abu Dhabi Police as a sponsor of talented and inventors and as an innovative institution with excellence capable of global competition in the field of creativity, invention, knowledge and modern technology.

Major General Maktoum Ali Al Sharifi, Director General of Abu Dhabi Police, stressed the Abu Dhabi Police’s endeavour to achieve the priority of institutional leadership through the strategic goal of “consolidating creativity, innovation and readiness for the future” by supporting and nurturing creators and innovators of all categories and providing the appropriate and stimulating environment for the development of value-added innovations at work.

“A policeman in cooperation with all concerned authorities, contributes to the development of the intellectual property system and the environment for innovation and invention in the UAE in accordance with the best international practices and in line with the directions of the rational leadership and the UAE’s full membership in the International Federation of Inventors “IFIA” to achieve the goals and principles of the 50th and support the new economic model of the country,” he said.

Brigadier Khalfan Abdullah Al Mansouri, Director of the Strategy and Institutional Development Centre at the Abu Dhabi Police, explained the Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to providing the necessary support and motivation to all its affiliates to enable them develop their skills and innovative capabilities and to market their police inventions and innovations, to contribute to building capabilities and knowledge that would enhance the security and safety of the UAE society.

These innovations and inventions achieve positive effects in spreading the culture of invention among the employees of Abu Dhabi Police and transferring knowledge of how to transfer ideas to intellectual property and then to models and products.

Police said the nation’s orientation towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution and applied scientific research is completely consistent with the efforts of individuals to integrate with the latest global practices in the field of innovation and invention, which contributes to strengthening the institution’s position at the global level within its strategies for innovation leadership.

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