For everyone following the DABUS applications, South Africa’s patent office is the first office to grant a patent to the AI inventor, followed immediately by Australia!

The patent was published on the 28th of July in the South African Patent journal. The invention is for a food container with improved grip and heat transfer.

While South Africa does not offer substantive examinations, Australia’s decision to grant the patent came following a decision issued from the federal courts in Australia. One can not undermine the magnitude of these decision and the potential impact on the future of IP laws and regulations. The patent has been filed in other key International jurisdictions including the US, UK, EPO, China, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland. Anyone interested in getting more details refer to the AI project website.

Congrats to the DABUS team on their first patent. We are betting on more to come and Saudi Arabia is our primary contender after all Saudi Arabia was the first country to grant Sophia the robot a Saudi Arabian citizen.

The patent was filed in Saudi Arabia under number 521422019, the only country in the Arabic region, the matter is being handled by Alyafi IP Group team; Tima Hachem and Lea El Feghali. This filing is aligned with the Saudi national AI artificial intelligence strategy which calls for the implementation of a multi-phase, multi-faceted plan including policy, regulation investment and R&D to promote, encourage and develop the Saudi AI ecosystem. Updates relating to the cross over between the AI ecosystem and intellectual property are spearheaded by the Saudi IP Authority and the Saudi Data and AI Authority .

Changes in IP laws and practices are inevitable to allow for the transformations on the horizon, but many believe it is too soon for this change to take place. The decision issued by the federal courts in Australia proves the contrary and we are expecting to see more change going forward.

We will keep you updated on the status of the patent applications in Saudi Arabia.

By Mr. Ahmad Al Houkail and Mrs. Bahia Alyafi Fortunato, Alyafi IP Group.


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