During the year 2018, the trademark office in Kuwait launched their trademark registration online platform, allowing agents, companies, and individuals to file their trademarks electronically, and by that facilitating and simplifying the registration procedure. The new procedures were executed in several stages starting from filing the mark, publishing it, and issuing its related certificate.

Historically, the trademark office used to announce the accepted trademarks by issuing monthly gazettes which were available at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. At the beginning of the year 2019, the trademark office launched the new process for the online publication, making the gazette accessible to everyone through the following link

In addition to that, the new publication process has been characterized by the fact that it is done on a daily basis, making it somehow harder on entities to keep up with monitoring their marks; however, showing great speed in the processing of new applications by the TMO.

Each day, not only accepted trademarks are published, but changes registrations such as change of name/address/agent, recording of assignments and renewals are also announced. On the other hand, patents publication service is still under progress, and will hopefully see the light by the end of the year 2022, as the office is still working on updating the whole patent process from a filing system to an examination and registration one.

These changes and transformations showcase the aim of Kuwait to gradually improve its IP system and their user’s experience.

By: Nour Hammoud and Shaymaa El Deeb

For further information in respect of the above, please reach out to us on Kuwait@alyafi-ip.com.


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