The new Libyan Minister of Economy has issued decision No. 184 relating to trademarks. The decision issued was to cancel the former Minister of Economy’s decision No. 201 of 2018 which provided brand owners with an additional grace period to renew trademarks beyond the legal grace period due to the war and delays in the local system.
As the current Minister is confident that the trademark office has the capacity to receive application and is capable of handling them, the dew decision was issued and published on 31-Dec-20 is to cancel the trademark decision 201-2018.
This has a significant impact on brand owners all renewal applications should be properly monitored and assessed as the risk of losing a mark due to non-renewal is very high.
According to the trademark law in Libya, trademarks should be renewed every 10 years from the date of filing. The trademark law provides 3 months grace period where penalties should be settled.
The documents required for renewing trademarks are;
– Details of the mark.
– Applicant info.
– Renewal application to be submitted the Libyan trademark office. A separate application should be filed for each class.
If any brand owner has any concern or issue or would like to register or renew a trademark in Libya please reach out to us on



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