Over the past 2 years, the world has witnessed the trademark office in the UAE revamping and updating its laws and procedures. From allowing filings to proceed without a POA, to joining the Madrid system, and now issuing new law and regulations governing TM matters. An update to the TM Official Gazette naturally followed and as of June 2021, the TMO started publishing accepted marks on a bimonthly basis.

This shows how hard the TMO is working to improve and expedite their services, without compromising the quality of the work; in fact, the examination process is still very thorough and detailed. Moreover, even though the TM owners are still required to publish their marks in two local newspapers in addition to the official gazette, this change has proven to be efficient and working in favor of those applicants.

All of these updates and upgrades introduced to the system are allowing the TMO to handle a larger amount of applications in anticipation of the volume of new applications resulting from joining the Madrid system.

The UAE has proved once again that they are leaders in the region when it comes to developing an intuitive TM registration system that puts the applicants’ needs first. Hopefully, these positive developments reach other areas if intellectual property in need of similar overhaul.

By: Marian Gad

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