We are so excited that the UAE is part of the Madrid Union and has joined Bahrain, Oman, Syria, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia. Welcome to the international system UAEers…

In the second month of 2022, trademark offices were pretty active issuing – 13,521 rejections were issued.

Most of these rejections were issued by the trademark offices in China, Canada, the United States of America and Japan representing 40% of the total rejection.

On another hand, the countries in the middle east are still lagging majorly behind where a total of 109 refusals were issued. It is too funny to compare, but as we work in the middle east we have to! Trademark offices in the region pride themselves for a smooth trademark process, but is lack of proper examination the right definition of smooth process? Well that is what it seems like….

Egypt is a party to the Madrid union and the Egyptian trademark office has issued the lions share of refusals at 37 refusals. However, according to the total number of issued refusals during this month, this number is minimal.

The total amount of refusals in all the Arab countries is 109 which represents a percentage under 1% of the total amount of refusals issued according to the Madrid Protocol. It is too funny!

Concerning, the United Arab of Emirates, a country in the middle of its rise, one of the newest middle eastern countries to ratify the Madrid Protocol, it is too soon to tell how the examination will be!

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